Mammarancia is the mother of Blood Oranges of Sicily. Genuine, sweet and fresh, it has a sparkling fragrance and its flesh is of an intense red color. Mammarancia is the superior quality.

Mammarancia is a young startup that make family business for 45 years. (Since1970).

We are farmer from three generations. Grandparents, sons and grandsons passionate and who grown up underneath of the orange trees shadow. That’s how we have moved from selling around the neighbour countryside with Apecar until to open our ecommerce which will deliver in all Europe. This is our heritage.

Nonno Carlo (grandpa) has dark skin tone, marked by the sun. He has spent his life taking care of his orange trees as his own children. Sundays at the land have been always memorable. Running under the sun, ride on the tractor, smells of ‘zagara’ (orange blossom) and of Nonna’s tomato sauce, the afternoon nap underneath orange tree’s shadow. The sunset has wonderful colors, my cousins and I will end up the day so tired. The sun was setting down at the horizon of fields and we were going to sleep while the air refreshed.

Every afternoon we were doing long walk with dad Leonardo and uncle Duilio, while crossing the lands of Francofonte. Dad called it the leading lands of oranges, he tells of how the Etna vulcano is vigilant over the trees and how every fruit, as by magic, became big and sweet overnight, he says: “It happen just in this lands”. He and Nonno have always prefered the orange Tarocco because I think they look alike: strong character and a bit sour aftertaste. I prefer instead the orange Moro because they have a sweeter juice.

Here I am, Carlo, with my sister Norma. In this picture we were at the land at Nonno. She was running around all day but then she will stop to watch our Dad while working. I enjoyed as well observing the adults, I was going from home to the warehouse downstairs almost everyday, after school homework. I was playing around with the team work, I was standing on the crates to be more tall and pretending to work with them. I have always considered the team as family. As I have grown up I have left home and went to study Economy and Marketing. After be graduated I have came back home to my Orange trees and my family. Today Norma and I we are following our family tradition. A very sweet tradition.



Today, all together, we bring the true Sicilian blood oranges all over Europe. All families guarantee a fresh product. A fresh product tree and not of supermarket.

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