One of the secrets of our blood oranges is the origin.


Cultivation, in fact, takes place in fields Francofonte, a small town in the foothills of Mount Etna. Here, in the bright sun-kissed fields and protected by the volcano, there are citrus historical dating back more than 250 years ago.

The flavor, texture and color of all the blood oranges Mammarancia you also have to to peculiarity of the terrain of our citrus groves. Our trees grow on clods of earth mixed with rocks and stones, a draining soil who gives rainwater smoothly.
The crops take place on terraces , the best way to take full benefits from the hilly terrain. This type of agriculture allows you to create the perfect balance of liquid penetration into the ground.

The area of Francofonte with its southern exposure Etna, allows the sun when it rises, to enlighten all citrus groves uniformly. The slope of the terraces, also favors the incidence of the rays on the trees and gives greater thermal excursion ideal for the pigmentation of the fruit.

The brilliant red shades that each slice of orange possesses
and the flavor perfectly balanced between sour and sweet must, in fact, the Etna volcano that makes the nights colder than the hot, sunny days typical of the Sicilian climate.

For this, the true Sicilian blood orange, that looks and tastes are unique to this is found only here.

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