Most of mammarancia’s production is composed by Tarocco Gallo blood oranges, delicacy of the area of Francofonte. This kind of oranges, in fact, has been discovered in Francofonte at the end of 19th century and it is not replicable in other grounds. It is unique, the Sicilian queen of blood oranges.

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  • Tarocco blood orange grown in Francofonte contains 40% of vitamin C more than the fruits harvested elsewhere.
  • It is free of seeds and pulp by brilliant reddish shades.
  • It has an intense flavor thanks to the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.
  • It has very little fat, also suitable for those who follow specific diets.
  • It is a concentrate of vitamins C, A, B1 and B2
  • One clove has an incredible amount of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and selenium.


Each fruit is rich in it: red oranges help prevent certain cancers and most of cardiovascular disease thanks to the combination of vitamin C and bioflavonoids. can help prevent capillary fragility and can generally improve venous flow.


The blood orange juice, since the dawn of time, is used to treat inflammation of the mouth as gingivitis or stomatitis. Studies have shown its antibacterial potency and effectiveness in fighting colds and evils of the season. The blood orange, also helps to strengthen the immune system.


The blood orange is particularly effective in the prevention of obesity and hypertension. Juice and pulp would also be useful in alleviating migraine headache, and in promoting bowel regularity. The combination of vitamin C and iron gives red orange anti-anemic properties.


The blood orange strengthens blood vessels, prevents capillary fragility and improves circulation. This results in important benefits in the prevention of cellulite.

The orange also promotes satiety and helps clear fat



  • Has the pulp entirely red
  • The skin is orange with intense shades of red
  • It has a slightly oval shape
  • It is very juicy, a concentrate of vitamins and minerals
  • The ripens early, begins in December



  • Has a reddish pulp
  • The skin is dark orange
  • Has a slightly elongated shape, between all the oranges is the smallest
  • It has a strong flavor, slightly sweet, with notes bittersweet
  • The aging starts in February

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    Mamamrancia’s oranges are attested by Biological certificate. Trough our agriculture we exploit the natural fertility of the soil, we do not use synthetic products or genetically modified fertilizers. Only then we can offer you a good and natural fruit.

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    Protected Geographical Indication

    Mamamrancia’s oranges are certified by The Consortium for the Protection of Blood Orange (Protected geographical indication). An award given to those products that correlate quality out of the ordinary with the geographical area of origin. Furthermore our oranges are protected by the Consortium Sicilian Blood Oranges.

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    We are proud to say that our blood oranges come from the fields of Francofonte, the homeland of blood oranges. Only in this land, thanks to the etna’s temperature changes and the soil properties, the blood orange becomes unique and loved all around the world.

Pruning and harvesting

We take care of each fruit like a jewel. For this reason the entire harvest carried out manually, without the aid of any machine or automated process. Only scissors and lots of patience.
We reach up to the last tree in the impervious slopes of cultivated terracing. We collect the fruit with maximum care, clean it and put it in the basket.

All of our orange trees are carefully pruned regularly. cut branches larger for smaller branches. The tree, so, even though they produce less, focuses all its strength in fruits larger and more intense flavor. We work on quality, not quantity.