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  • I tasted blood oranges several times in Hungary, but not like Mammarancia’s! Love them Emoticon heart
    Mesi B. (Ungheria)09/03/2016
  • I received your oranges on the Thursday morning after you shipped them on Monday. Only 3 of them were a little bit damaged by transport (some cracks) but still o.k. to be eaten. I am very pleased with their taste and quality. I know this type of oranges since years and bought them every year in the local shops when they were in season. However, it is more and more difficult to find them now in the shops so I was very pleased to find them on your web-site. Also I found that your oranges taste much better than the ones I remember from the shops. They are really excellent! Congratulations for this great product! The only thing I missed on your web-site is some instructions how to store them best (temperature, humidity, how to handle them..) so that they keep fresh for a long time. This is espacially interesting for customers who order larger quantities to save shipping costs.
    Eberhard D. (Germania)16/02/2016
  • A dream becoming true: Finally I can taste REAL Sicilian oranges in Sweden! No other words but: TRULY SICILIAN!
    A. Mileto17/02/2015
  • Dear Carlo, great to hear from you! Nice to talk to you over the telephone. The oranges arrived very quickly, on Saturday. The oranges are wonderful, very juicy, delicate balanced Tarocco taste, the entire family loves them. It is  quite a big difference to the supermarket stuff! Thanks very much for the lemons-equally wonderful!!! You have won a long term customer! To give you an honest customer feedback, I have talked to my family if they were happy with everything. My recommendation: The product-oranges and lemons-are wonderful. Everybody loved them. Much better taste than the Spanish or Brazilian or South African oranges – tree fresh quality that the supermarkets with their mass production cannot meet. The oranges came in 3 boxes-great for our “clan” of 3 families. Perfect. In one of the boxes, 5 or 6 oranges were fractured open and dried out. Likely a transport issue and that may happen from time to time. I will let you know if there is any transport damage in the next shipment. Price of oranges: good value 20 Euro shipment fee: reasonable deal, especially with the 30kg shipment. Certified organic: One family member asked whether the oranges are truly organic/biological. So far it is a matter of trust. This is also why I called you to talk to a live person. To address the issue, I would put a paper flier/info sheet in each box that you send out with the shipments so  you inform customers that this is truly bio, maybe show them the certificate number etc. In Germany in particular, organic has a big market. Explain to people that your oranges a much less treated with chemicals than what is being sold in German supermarkets. To improve producer-customer loyalty, I like your idea of the family album on the website. Maybe also put some information in the info sheet that you put in the shipments like family news or farm developments, weather conditions, etc. over the past year, so the customers have a little insight into the orange business and the people who work hard to produce such good oranges. Maybe also some stories regarding the history of the Sicilian oranges-they used to be a luxury product! Explain the difference to super mass production in Spain or in Brazil and why customers are having a better deal with you! On price you probably cannot compete with Spain or Brazil, but surely on freshness and quality! Maybe create an email list of people to inform them around Christmas time that oranges are being harvested on a certain date and shipped and that orders can be taken. An email reminder for people. Think about visiting and informing people at the time of the Slow Food convention in April in Stuttgart, my home town. One of the biggest and best food conventions in Germany. There were quite a few Italian (also from Sicily) food producers attending last year. Dear Carlo, I hope this helps a little. At some point in time, I will visit Sicily again, and I would like to meet you guys and see the farm! If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know. Warm regards, Christian
    Christian (Germania)27/01/2016

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